Headache and Migraine Specialists

Headache &
Migraine Specialists

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Headache and Migraine Specialists

"They made sense of my symptoms
and have treated them accordingly,
and as a result have got my
migraines under control"

Headache and Migraine Specialists

"I suffered daily headaches for
over 10 years. Gentle manipulation
of my neck started to ease the pain
almost immediately. I have not had
a headache for over a year"

Headache and Migraine Specialists

"I have been migraine free for almost a year now.                     
                                             This has changed my life!"

Headache and Migraine Specialists

"I have had no migraines for
weeks now and can even enjoy
a glass of wine again"

Headache and Migraine Specialists

"I was suffering headaches on a daily basis
and taking pain killers far too regularly.
After only a couple of visits my headaches
had become less frequent and
pain relief almost hardly used"

Headache and Migraine Specialists

"I was suffering with severe migraines and headaches...after only 8 sessions I am now 95% recovered and have not suffered from a migraine or headache since my treatment"

Headache & Migraine Specialists

New treatment for fast, effective and lasting relief from headache and migraine


New research suggests that most types of headache may be much more to do with your neck than previously acknowledged

Traditional Headache Treatment

  • Repeat visits to a GP
  • Often unnecessary brain scans and investigations
  • Long term medication
  • No actual treatment of the cause of headache/migraine

Headache & Migraine Specialists Treatment

  • Assessment for early identification of serious causes of headache/migraine and referral to neurologist when required
  • Assessment of your neck by a specially trained headache and migraine physiotherapist
  • Most headache and migraine patients have significant neck involvement which can be clearly demonstrated during assessment
  • Treatment of neck disorders identified through manual therapy, postural and movement re-education and ergonomic correction
  • 80% of our patients have experienced significant improvement in their symptoms
  • Treatment is often covered by your medical insurance with a GP referral.
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Headache & Migraine Treatment by Specialists, Providing Lasting Relief. Preliminary Online Assessment of the Causes of Your Headache & Migraine Condition. Full Assessment of Neck by a Trained Headache & Migraine Physiotherapist. Diagnosis & Cure of Headaches with Physiotherapy

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