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Case Management

We work with Occupational Health Departments and Private Medical Insurance Companies helping them to manage their healthcare costs by providing quality assurance and value for money through managed care pathways for headache and migraine sufferers

Costs of Headaches & Migraine

The economic impact of headache and migraine on the workforce in the UK is massive. The World Health Organisation estimates that around 25 million working (and school) days are lost each year in the UK due to migraine alone with a total cost of over £5bn a year to the UK economy for all headache conditions. Individual patient episode costs have been reported at around £3k a year for the average chronic migraine sufferer in the UK.

We are working closely with businesses, occupational health departments and directly with medical insurers in order to manage these costs in the private sector and through GP purchasing groups for NHS spending.

Managed Headache Care Pathway

Our managed care pathway for the assessment and treatment of headache and migraine allows us to deliver a high quality clinical and customer service with exceptional value for money. By utilising specially trained headache & migraine physiotherapists rather than medical practitioners to triage patients, we are able to dramatically reduce the cost of assessment. Those identified as needing medical assessment are then referred to GP and neurology services.

Specialist headache & migraine physiotherapists are the healthcare professionals best able to accurately diagnose cervicogenic headache. In the medical world cervicogenic headache is estimated at between 2-5% in the general population and as much as 25% in chronic pain and headache clinics but this figure is still reached without routine expert neck assessment.

Specialist Headache Physiotherapists

Headache at PCOur own experience is that cervicogenic headache as a component of all headache and migraine presentations is as high as 90%. The cost of treatment for this under diagnosed condition is far cheaper than for the medical care of other headache diagnoses and the overall cost saving potential to the NHS and private sectors is considerable.

It is not surprising that when practitioners specialise in a certain area they become more clinically effective. This is why our headache physiotherapists are selected from those who have chosen to specialise in this particular area and are able to demonstrate very high levels of clinical competency in this area.

We have a proven track record in cutting the episode cost for headache conditions by

  • Reducing sick absence
  • Improving productivity at work
  • Reducing reliance on medication
  • Decreasing GP and neurology visits
  • Decreasing use of diagnostic imaging

Our clinical approach uses a stepped care model where our patients are involved in their own management through better education and understanding of their condition and its causes and significant lifestyle changes where needed. This empowers them to be in control of their return to work and return to a more normal life.

Our care pathway as well as the policies and procedures for the general management of this patient group have been approved by our Medical Advisory Board as well as other independent medical experts.

Warning: Please ensure that you have consulted a doctor regarding your headache or migraine. Most headaches and migraines are non-life threatening however it is advisable to seek the opinion of your GP or Neurologist if you develop sudden or severe symptoms, especially if these are different from previous attacks.

High Cost of Headaches & Migraines in UK. Many Working Days Lost. We Cut Cost of Headache & Migraine For NHS & Private Medical Insurance Companies. Physiotherapy Treatment Can Save Money. Cervicogenic Headaches Are Very Common & Can Be Treated by Specialist Physiotherapists.

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