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Headache and Migraine – Treatment Outcomes Audit

Tension type headache, migraine and cluster headaches are just a few of the different headaches people can experience.

At Headache & Migraine Specialists, we see many patients with unresolved headache and migraine get fantastic results with our treatment. Additionally, this is often accompanied by a reduction in the amount of medication the patient is required to take.

Over a 6 month period we have been conducting an audit to see how effective our treatment is for the management of headache and migraine. Although this is just the start of a more protracted and in depth analysis we are most encouraged the results.

This was the procedure. At the start and end of their treatment we asked our patients suffering with either headache or migraine a series of questions. The questions included;

  • what was their average pain on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the worst)
  • what was their maximum pain experienced (again out of 10)
  • how often did they have these symptoms (this ranged from daily to fortnightly)
  • what effect did the symptoms have on their daily function (on a scale of 0-10, 0 unrestricted and 10 being can’t get out of bed).

After a course of treatment or 3 months (whichever came first) we repeated the same questions. The results were as follows:

46% of patients reported that their average pain was resolved, 20% of patients reported improved average pains i.e. less severe. In total 66% of the patients reported an improvement.

40% of patients reported that their maximum pain was resolved, 33% of patients reported improved maximum pains i.e. less severe. In total 73% of the patients reported an improvement.

40% of patients reported no further headaches. 40% of patients reported improved frequency of pain or fewer headaches. This was a staggering 80% of patients treated having fewer headaches.

33% felt return to full function (i.e. 0 out of 10), 40% experienced improved function. In total 73% of patients had improved function.

As with any study of this type there are influences that affect the outcomes – patient drop out and treatment compliance being just two examples. However we are pleased with this initial study and aim to continue it, with a view to eventually publishing the results in a medical journal. Watch this space for further developments!


Tension Type Headache, Migraine and Cluster Headaches. Audit of Pain & Symptom Reduction Resulting from Physiotherapy.


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