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Modern thinking in medicine recognises that pooling the knowledge and expertise of different professions usually results in better clinical outcomes than with medical practitioners working alone. By using experts in both musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as neurology, Headache & Migraine Specialists are able provide our patients with a more comprehensive diagnosis and from it a more effective treatment plan.

Unfortunately the vast majority of headache and migraine patients are still treated solely in General Practice. Seeing your GP is a sensible first step to take, but only very rarely does medical investigation tell us that something is seriously wrong. This is reassuring enough but at the same time leaves lots questions unanswered.

Treatment Process

Screening for Serious Causes of Headache

BrainBefore our patients are examined they are required to participate in a simple screening process over the phone. This enables us to decide immediately what will be the most appropriate course of action for each individual. The vast majority of patients will then come straight away for a consultation with one of our specially trained headache physiotherapists. Around 5% are more appropriate for an immediate medical, rather than musculoskeletal, consultation and are offered a referral to a Consultant Neurologist conveniently located to where you live or simply advised to review things with your GP.  Very rarely are patients advised to go straight to A&E for immediate medical attention but this does happen which is why it is important that you complete this triage as early in the process as possible.

Musculoskeletal Assessment

ManipulationPatients without signs of serious medical causes of headache are assessed straight away by a specially trained headache physiotherapist, to identify any musculoskeletal causes of headache and migraine. In the vast majority of cases the same headache or migraine pain that a patient gets with an actual headache attack can be reproduced through movement testing, palpation or stressing of the joints and soft tissues of the upper part of the neck. This is the main diagnostic criteria for cervicogenic headache given by the International Headache Society. Treatment of neck stiffness and posture and movement dysfunctions are then treated accordingly in order to relieve the headache symptoms.

Medical Assessment

MRIMedical examination involves a series of simple neurological tests designed to assess how well the major nerves in your brain are working as well as other standard measures such as taking blood pressure and looking at the back of your eyes.  Sometimes a GP or neurologist will recommend that patients have a brain scan but this is often not necessary and can even highlight findings that can cause patients alarm and add to anxiety rather than reassure the patient, even though they are completely normal.  Very rarely indeed does medical investigation find anything of concern with headache and migraine patients.  Seeing a GP or neurologist who specialists in the treatment of headaches is also useful for those patients who self-prescribe pain killers as it is not uncommon for this to make things worse rather than better over a period of time.

Warning: Please ensure that you have consulted a doctor regarding your headache or migraine. Most headaches and migraines are non-life threatening however it is advisable to seek the opinion of your GP or Neurologist if you develop sudden or severe symptoms, especially if these are different from previous attacks.

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