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Medical Assessment & Treatment

Although quite rare, serious medical causes of headaches do occur and physiotherapists and GPs who routinely see headache patients are able to identify these cases through routine questioning and examination. Where potential sinister causes of head pain are suspected, patients are usually given a referral to see a consultant neurologist and very occasionally are asked to go straight to A&E. Investigations for potential serious causes of headache include blood tests, lumbar puncture and radiological tests such as x-rays and MRI scans. The vast majority of the time these tests find nothing significant.

MRI Scans

BrainMany headache sufferers seem to like the idea of having a brain scan as a way to seek reassurance that nothing is wrong. Whilst this might seem like a good idea, brain scans often reveal features that, although completely harmless, end up making the patient more anxious than they were before. A thorough clinical examination with a GP or neurologist is often a better solution.

Thankfully most headaches are completely normal occurrences and nothing to worry about. Most of us tend to simply manage them with medication without necessarily seeing a GP. These attempts at self treatment with over the counter medication often work and through trial and error most people who get occasional headaches find out what works best for them.

Medical Review

MedicationWith unsuccessful attempts at self treatment patients often end up taking relatively large doses of a cocktail of different pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Most of us are actually unaware of exactly what we are taking as labelling on packets of pain killers and anti-inflammatories do not always tell people clearly what they are taking. This can lead to “medication over-use headache” where, over time, the very thing that we take in order to try and help actually ends up making things worse.

For patients who have regular headaches and are taking medication on a frequent basis, a review with your GP or Neurologist is recommended so that you are given the best possible type of medication for your particular condition.

Warning: Please ensure that you have consulted a doctor regarding your headache or migraine. Most headaches and migraines are non-life threatening however it is advisable to seek the opinion of your GP or Neurologist if you develop sudden or severe symptoms, especially if these are different from previous attacks.

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