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Our Vision

Headache & Migraine Specialists was set up to provide a more up to date and comprehensive approach for the management of headache and migraine that reflects the current changes in mainstream clinical thinking and recent research findings.

Our own clinical experience tells us that pain and stiffness in our patients’ necks is considerably underestimated as a cause of most types of benign headache including migraine.

‘We firmly believe that everyone suffering from non-serious causes of headache should be given the opportunity to have their neck examined by a musculoskeletal expert as well as a having a medical examination by a GP or neurologist’

We aim to be a national network of specialists, where patients can expect real long term improvements by addressing all their underlying medical, musculoskeletal and lifestyle issues.

Modern thinking in medicine acknowledges that pooling the knowledge and expertise of neurologists, GPs and specially trained headache and migraine physiotherapists is the most effective way to achieve this goal.

Mission Statement

‘Above all we are committed to the improvement in the quality of life of headache and migraine sufferers’

We provide our patients with the most comprehensive assessment and treatment of all the medical, musculoskeletal and lifestyle issues that collectively sensitise the brains of headache and migraine sufferers.

We treat each of our patients with honesty, integrity and compassion in everything that we do.

Through education and the evolving understanding of the causes of headaches, we are committed to improving how we help the headache and migraine community in the UK.

Neck Pain & Neck Stiffness Can Cause Headache & Migraine. Examination & Assessment by a Muskuloskeletal Specialist. Neurologists, GPs & Headache & Migraine Specialist Physiotherapists Working Together. Consideration & Assessment of all the Medical, Musculoskeletal, Diet and Lifestyle Issues.

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