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Patient Outcomes

All of our patients are asked to fill in outcome questionnaires before and after their treatment and then at 3 and 12 months after their treatment has ended, so that we are able to demonstrate the immediate and long-term effectiveness of what we do.

We use a headache questionnaire called HIT-6 which is a well validated measure of how significant an impact our patients headaches are on their lives.

Patients are also asked report the severity of pain and the frequency of medication use before and after their treatment.

Headache Impact

At Assessment 83% of our patients reported their headaches as having a ‘substantial’ or ‘severe’ impact on their life

At discharge only 27% reported these same levels of disability



On a scale of 0-10, average levels of pain with our patients’ headaches fell from 8.0 to 2.5 immediately following their course of treatment. At the 3 month follow up this increased slightly to 3.0

Average Pain Level

Medication Use

Before starting treatment, 66% of the patients indicated that they used medication “very often” or “always” when having a headache.

Immediately after the course treatment this had fallen to only 9%, with 64% never needing to use medication at all.

Medication Use

Severe Headache Treatment with Specialist Physiotherapy. Reduction in Patients Using Medication to Treat or Relieve Headache Pain. Some Patients Come Off Medication Entirely

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