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We ask all our patients to provide feedback on the service they have received at Headache and Migraine Centres, this helps to us understand what we can do to improve and additionally allows them to share their experience with other headache and migraine sufferers who would potentially benefit from our help.


“I suffered daily headaches for over 10 years before a neurologist referred me to see HMS. Gentle manipulation of my neck started to ease the pain almost immediately. I was also shown how to correct my posture and set up my work station properly and I have not had a headache for over a year”
Stephanie, Brentwood

“…very soon after starting my periods, at around 14 year of age, I started to get a regular monthly migraine at the beginning of each menstrual cycle. This was usually bad enough that I would have 2 days off work each month which you can imagine did not go down well with my employers. I have been treated with medication as well as all sorts of experimentation with contraceptive pills but none of this really worked. I went to see my physiotherapist about a lower back strain but in the examination as well as looking at this I was also asked about other problems and so of course mentioned my migraines. I was amazed to find that in the examination the physiotherapist was able to reproduce my migraine by pushing on the back of my neck as I did not even have any neck pains. At the start of my next period I only had a dull headache and did not need any time off work. Following that I have been migraine free for almost a year now. This has changed my life!”
Maureen, Central London

“HMS quickly determined the cause of my severe head pain. Following initial hands on manipulation of my neck muscles, he devised a programme of exercises for me to follow. In addition to this, HMS were thorough in identifying the pain triggers from my daily lifestyle and have helped me to acknowledge and understand the need for small changes in my posture. HMS are caring and completely professional in their approach and I have every confidence in their treatment. I am glad to say that I am now virtually pain free, but I have no hesitation in returning to HMS for advice and occasional physiotherapy when the need arises. I certainly recommend their services.”
Mrs G Pearson, Essex

“After many months of suffering with dizzy spells, headaches and numbness on the side of my face, I was referred to HMS for treatment on my neck by my neurologist. After very few visits to HMS I had a noticeable improvement with movement in my neck and my symptoms had reduced dramatically. I felt very confident with the treatment I was receiving and although my neck was stiff and painful HMS managed to relieve this with manual therapy and an exercise program which I am still doing. HMS always accommodated my need for late appointments due to my working commitments & I would not hesitate to recommend them, they are very professional and got to the root of the problem very quickly.”
Mrs S Carter, Grays, Essex

“Although it may feel like flying in the face of the gods, to tell you, but I have been very pleased that my head has been pretty well clear of even the smallest amount of dizziness for the past week and I have had no migraines for weeks now. Possibly your last “experimental” treatment did the trick.”
Ms J Gordon, Rainham, Essex

“HMS are the best physiotherapists in our area. They have developed a unique headache management programme which we are very fortunate to have in our area. I know my patients will be in safe hands and that they will receive a comprehensive and holistic assessment and will be treated effectively. I’ve had excellent patient feedback and a number of patients with previously intractable problems have been helped by them.”
Dr R De Silva Consultant Neurologist

“In Oct 2010 I was referred to HMS by Dr R De Silva as I was suffering from Coital Cephalalgia (Extertional Headaches ). I had been suffering with these symptoms for many years and they had progressively got worse to the point where I was suffering headaches on a daily basis and taking pain killers far too regularly. HMS soon highlighted problems with my posture and restricted movement in my lower neck. After only a couple of visits my headaches had become less frequent and pain relief almost hardly used. After manual therapy and a tailored exercise program I had a very noticeable improvement in my neck movement and the headaches were far less frequent. My treatment is ongoing but visits are less frequent. HMS have been very professional and explained everything thoroughly and in a caring manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending HMS to anybody in need of physiotherapy.”
Mrs B Dove, Dagenham, Essex

“I have seen many physios over the years with regards to my migraines and none have been able to help. HMS have been brilliant. They have made sense of my symptoms and have treated them accordingly, and as a result have got my migraines under control. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”
Mrs V Stanesby, Hockley, Essex

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